Best Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 In BD


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Comfortable to hold, light, and handy for travel the innovative structure comes with an ultra-short casing, no longer than a stick of lipstick, which allows for a comfortable grip. Easily bring it with you while traveling for added assurance.


Turbofan blades produce strong and stable air flow drawing from the working principle of aircraft turbine engines, a unique design featuring curved blades and an air outlet reduces losses of wind power and effectively improves airspeed. The high-performance motor produces a strong airflow that quickly evaporates moisture without requiring high temperatures.


Comfortable temperature to protect your hair The temperature is detected 60 times per second and the result is directly sent to the microprocessor to adjust the air temperature in real-time and make sure that the temperature remains stable at 57℃. Scientific temperature control prevents hair damage and helps your hair maintain its healthy sheen.


Dry quickly without damaging your hair and leave for work feeling refreshed Not all hair dryers can reach a drying rate of 6.1 g/min*. The strong airflow allows the moisture to evaporate quickly, reducing the time spent drying your hair, whether early in the morning or before going to bed.


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